Life Is Good When You Help!

The Kenny Can Foundation for Brain Cancer was established to raise and allocate funds dedicated to research the causes and cures of brain cancer as well as to aid victims who have been affected by this deadly disease.

It is with your contributions, dedication, and commitment that the foundation will be able to accomplish these goals.  This website is to keep you apprised of progress, events and information regarding the Kenny Can Foundation so that you will be an informed contributor. A large portion of our proceeds have gone directly to the brain tumor department at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We are extremely proud of the work that the doctors do at St. Jude, but we would also like to help individuals who might need extra comforts while being treated for their brain cancer. The Kenny Can foundation strives to make things a little better for them day to day even as the endure this difficult time in their life.

We used Kenny Can bucks to send a young teenage boy and his family to Disneyworld to enjoy one last trip together; we have helped brain cancer victims with travel expenses to hospitals that offer clinical trials with hope; we provided a maid service for a single woman who was fighting for her life.

We put a Christmas tree surrounded with presents in a mechanic’s home after he lost his job due to his illness. We helped a carpenter with living expenses so he could stay home and care for his dying wife.
We feel that Kenny would want us to help individual people and their families the most. Some day we hope there will be a cure for brain cancer, but in the meantime we want to help people make their lives as comfortable as possible during this most difficult time.
We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. It is with your generous contributions that we continue to make life good for those inflicted with this terrible disease.