About Kenny


To know him was to love him. And, anyone who knew him did. The story  of Kenny Dennis is one of a wonderful guy whose life was cut way too  short because of brain cancer. He died on August 5, 2002 at the very  young age of 49. One of his favorite sayings, “Life Is Good” reminds  all of us about his positive attitude about life and people. He was  the friendliest person those of us that knew him ever met, and he made  everyone he met feel like his best friend.

Kenny was an amazing success at everything he attempted in his life:  student, athlete, businessman, father, husband, and friend.  Kenny’s  work, personal and family life were all morphed into one. His family  was included in all parts of his life and he never ever let work  become more important than Nancy and the girls. He truly had life figured out better  than anyone we had ever met.

He helped grow and become a great leader at one of the most successful  restaurant companies in the world, Brinker International. At Brinker,  Kenny wore many hats and was responsible for countless great  achievements from creating world famous advertising jingles to being  the President of two restaurant concepts at one time. His most  important accomplishment at Brinker might have been his influence on a  people oriented culture that was different, better, and more fun than  other corporate environments.

Kenny could slay any dragon until he met brain cancer, specifically, Glioblastoma Multiforme. In 10 short months, this giant of a man in  excellent physical health suffered and eventually couldn’t fight off  the ravages of this terrible disease.

This website and KennyCan.org are dedicated to Kenny’s life and  helping raise money to find a cure for, as well as, help those  afflicted with brain cancer.