Let’s review a few of his Kenny-isms:

  • “Life is good.”
  • “Are we having fun yet?”
  • “We’re just being lazy.”
  • “Nothing to it!”
  • “That’s easy!”
  • “Tell me something fun.” That one made his wonderful assistant, Linda Scheets, feel like she wasn’t having fun and that she should start.
  • “Can you come out and play?”  When I’d answer my phone I’d hear, “Can Doug come out and play?”  It would immediately take all of the stress away and you were glad that Kenny called.
  • “Let’s play restaurant.”  In the 70’s, he would have shift meetings before the restaurant opened and as he would unlock the front doors to open for business he would say, “Let’s play restaurant.” In 2002, every Brinker employee gets a shirt after their orientation that says  on the back, “Let’s Play Restaurant”

And two “R” rated Kenny-isms that I shouldn’t say in church:

  • “Shoot happens.” And, when things were going incredibly bad and Kenny was at the end of his wits with frustration – the worst thing he might say would be:
  • “You know this being an adult really xxxx’s!”

And, one of his favorites that always made you laugh and no one else could ever say was his “Woodchuck.” Right in the middle of a serious meeting if there was a pause, Kenny would look at whoever had stopped talking and ask, “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Kenny never told us the answer to the woodchuck question.

Taken from Ken Dennis Eulogy Wednesday August 7, 2002 given by Doug Brooks